Workshop – Functional Programming in Core Java


“Functional Programming in Core Java”

Java has always been an object-oriented programming language. What was novel at the time and taken as a big argument for Java has been used as a counter-argument from time to time in the recent past. Again and again, the advantages of functional programming come up for discussion. This is accompanied by whether Java should still be the programming language for the new project? What about old projects? Do you have to do without functional programming because Java can’t just be replaced?

The good thing is that since Java8, some syntactical elements have made their way into the language, which allows you to get very close to functional programming. Many of the syntactic advantages are now implementable.

How does that work? Do I need a new library for this, an extensive framework? My answer to that is clearly no.

In this workshop, we will only work with the JDK8 or higher and learn the functional aspects step by step. In addition to the theory, we will go through many practical exercises that will enable you to implement the newly discovered elements yourself and thus consolidate them.

Topics that we will examine in more detail

  • Handling exceptions
  • Dealing with zero
  • What is a function
  • Higher order function
  • Memoizing
  • Currying
  • Connection to the object-oriented source text
  • Connection to streams
  • Transformation of decision trees

Who is this workshop suitable for?
The workshop is aimed at anyone who would like to deal more intensively with the functional aspects of Java. It is equally suitable for new projects and challenges arising from maintaining old legacy systems.
After this workshop, the foundations have been laid so that you can start directly implementing the learned approaches in your project.


German or English

Workshop Duration:

1 day


In house or remote